Service Charge Management

Optimised service charges mean satisfied tenants cost optimisation for one and all – your satisfied tenants and you, the owner. With our experts in Property Management we provide you with experienced partners to help you optimise your operating costs over the long term.

Professional service charge statements

Stop bothering with time-consuming service charge statements: outsource these items and all associated tasks to our Commercial Building Management staff. We will take care of the following tasks:

  • Keeping operating costs within budget
  • Duly recording all operating costs
  • Invoicing operational costs in compliance with legislation and the lease agreement
  • Ensuring that operating cost allocation entails minimum charges for the property owner
  • Achieving a low opposition rate due to clear and transparent service charge statements
  • Collecting payments of arrears
  • Scaling pre-payments appropriately

Operating cost management tailored to individual needs

Every property is unique; so is our tailored operation cost management. You can count on:

  • Realistic budget planning for operating costs by experts
  • Efficient service charge statements itemising the charges accruing to the property owner; processing of oppositions
  • Continuous cost control through timely reading of consumption meters, analysing discrepancies (target-performance comparison) as well as correct payment and recording of all expenses
  • Timely adjustment of advance operational cost payments and issuing demands for overdue payments

Quality, convenience and cost control

Rely on independent experts, who will give you focused guidance for optimising your property management. The benefits for you:

  • Quality without compromise by means of an optimal balance between essential operating costs and maintaining the condition of your property to a high standard
  • Independent advice on devising your management concept and handling issues in collaboration with tenants or third parties


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