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Landlord Representation 



Daga Property  tremendous market knowledge and deep understanding of building operations allows us to put together a pro active market campaign that maximizes exposure and delivers results.

We are known to be creative and efficient in our dealings with landlords, tenants and the brokerage community which leads to our success.

Within the scope of our Landlord Representation remit we pursue a common goal: maximising returns without loss of quality. As the landlord of a commercial property we can help you attain the following benefits:

  • Maximisation of rental income whilst maintaining total tenant satisfaction
  • Maximum possible allocation of operating costs
  • Stringent risk minimisation
  • Low vacancy rates
  • Cost-optimised management without loss of quality
  • Stringent risk minimisation
  • Reduced rent arrears


You have your property in best society

  • Competitive positioning of the asset/branding
  • Recommendations for building improvements
  • Creating a public relations and marketing programs
  • Regularly scheduled team meetings with ownership
  • Close coordination of leasing with property management and construction management

Performance optimisation for your commercial property

Professional know-how and presence are the basis for successful landlord representation at every level:

  • Maximisation of revenues and reductions of costsby realising value enhancement potential
  • Local presence and comprehensive geographical serviceat ten locations in Europe and GCC
  • Employees with wide-ranging know-how and strong consultancy skills due to continuous training and development.

Lease Management

Your lease contracts are under professional management

Benefit from the know-how of our Property Management specialists by entrusting them with the overall management of your commercial lease contracts, thereby increasing the profitability of your property and identifying savings potentials. 

A comprehensive view of the company’s property holdings and rented property

  • Identify your property holdings precisely
  • Manage leases, rental and sub-rental agreements
  • Monitor lease administration
  • Get an overall view at any time via reports


Reporting, Analysis and deadline monitoringOur experienced experts analyse and optimise your contractual structures, from preparing the contracts to collecting rent arrears. Specifically, this includes:

  • Drafting lease contracts and negotiating the terms and conditions 
  • Adjusting rent and operating cost prepayments
  • Keeping and, where appropriate, adjusting rental security deposits
  • Monitoring deadlines (termination, exercise of options, etc.)
  • Supervising, executing and/or implementing obligations agreed under leases, as well as prepayments owed and rental payments 
  • Reporting all the relevant items under lease contracts
  • Digitally storing contracts in line with requirements

 Anticipate and monitor the different factors related to the management of a lease

  • Control all legal and contractual obligations related to the lease
  • Inventories at the start and end of renting period
  • Follow the legal aspects of a lease
  • Anticipate renewals and terminations via the management of alerts on future due dates
  • Identify the market’s economic cycles to anticipate outstanding payments
  • Supervise the drawing up of leases, notifications, revisions, renewals and terminations
  • List the permits required (interior work, exterior installations, lease assignment, sub-rental, etc.)
  • Obligations related to information on risks (seismicity, floods, etc.)
  • Manage and follow-up occupancy and rental expense



Technical Facilities Managment

Daga International Gmbh (Daga Property) is today one of the leading supplier of integrated facility management in Europe,Asia  and transnat-
ional projects. The company is responsible for the complete management of production facilities, office buildings, and commercial properties for well-known clients in  economic regions .In fulfilling these responsibilities, the company plays a key role in the  facility management projects throughout continents  among other things.

Intelligent maintenance reduces costs and minimises disruption

Globally, we self-perform more than 1000 technical experts primarily support companies in the Life Sciences, Energy, Financial Services and Technology sectors in determining and applying the best possible maintenance strategy, using client data and proprietary technology. With intelligent data analysis and our many years of experience, we produce efficient maintenance plans, optimise costs and minimise downtime. . We are certified for BS OHSAS 18001, DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001, DIN EN ISO 50001 and deliver our services in a sustainable, energy and cost-efficient way with optimised processes and excellent quality.
This minimises downtime and risks for our clients and helps them bring down operating and investment costs.

Global best expertise in Technical Facility Management


We are able to offer technical services for the following


  • Heating Systems
  • Electrical Systems
  • Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Systems
  • Sanitary Systems
  • Communication and IT Systems
  • Cooling Systems
  • Fire Control Systems
  • Roof and Structure
  • Alarm Systems
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Energy procurement and managment


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